Boxfall is a software application that overlays virtual elements onto real time video capture, which users can then interact with.
What does it do?

Boxfall is a software application that superimposes virtual elements over real time video capture, making it possible for users to interact with these elements by triggering surprising content and graphic effects, or volleying them about. The app requires a PC, a camera and a display (video-projector, LCD/LED or video-wall), to be deployed and work properly. Boxfall can be personalized by mapping images onto faces of the cube or spheres. An overlay frame may also be added. This could be handy for context or brand communication.



  • Unexpected, eye-catching experience;
  • Engaging interaction for one to multiple users.
  • Lowers audiences’ aversion to advertising;
Try out our demo!
Use the "Download demo" link at the top of the page to download the Boxfall demo and try it out on you PC.

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Bradesco Seguros, Brazil 2010
Interactive event’s booth for Bradesco Seguros
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Multiplus (TAM), Brazil 2010
‘Multiplus’ fun at Salvador da Bahia’s Carnaval
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