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“Human-computer interaction” – presentation by YDreams Brasil’s Executive Director


Karina Israel, YDreams Executive Director, recently gave an excellent presentation on “Human Computer Interaction” at Intercon 2012 in São Paulo, Brasil. The presentation, in Portuguese, gives numerous examples of YDreams’ projects such as Espaço Bradesco Next. YScope, Virtual Aquarium Fixelandia, and the Los Fearless experience at the Nike Vault shop at the L.A. Staples center, among others, which exemplify well how people interact with computers today!

To see complete video presentation, CLICK HERE!


“Viagens Italianas”(Italian Voyages) infused with YDreams interactivity



The exhibition Viagens Italianas (Italian Voyages), sponsored by UNESCO, recently inaugurated at the Brazilian National Archive in Rio de Janeiro, and YDreams Brasil was responsible for conceiving and implementing interactive solutions for the exhibit that include a Magic Book, an interactive walkway, multimedia projections and directional sound columns geared at presenting contents and helping visitors explore the intricate and complex relationship between Brazil and Italy, largely due to the huge influx of Italian immigration to Brazil between 1887 and 1930, as well as Brazil’s strong Italo-Brazilian heritage.


The exhibition, which opened November 3rd, 2011 will run through till February 10th, 2012 at Rio’s National Archive.

For more information:


YDreams Brasil keeping to the beat of Rock in Rio 2011


Rock in Rio, one of the largest music festivals in the world, is going strong in its namesake city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The festival kicked off on September 23rd and is underway till October 2nd. Also going strong and determined not to miss the music festival is YDreams Brasil, which is bringing its own brand of interactivity to the festival with two very different stands!

The first immerses visitors in an underwater voyage aboard the Nautilus of Rock – a stand-come submarine, where visitors can, among other things, create and customize their very own virtual rocker-fish, which immediately come into being in the sub’s virtual aquarium. The latter stand developed for the state government of Rio de Janeiro, and of a very different nature, keeps the adrenaline pumping by giving folks a chance to take a virtual flight over the breath-taking sights Rio de Janeiro state has to offer.

Both are without a doubt two excellent ways to make sure there is never a dull moment at Rock in Rio 2011.

The Nautilus of Rock

The Nautilus of Rock

Virtual Hand-gliding over Rio de Janeiro State

Virtual Hand-gliding over Rio de Janeiro State

YDreams Brasil’s Executive & Technical Directors Talk Interactive Design at iMasters InterCon 2010 debate


Karina Israel and Daniel Prado, YDreams Brasil’s Executive Director and CTO, respectively, are part of the line up for the 7th edition of this year’s iMasters InterCon Debate under way November 19th and 20th at São Paulo’s WTC Hotel. Promoted by iMasterPRO, the event is the largest IT and Internet Forum Debate in Latin America.

Keeping in line with this year’s slogan, “After the end of the web, reality lies elsewhere!” (depois do fim da web, a realidade é outra!), the 2010 event will revolve around themes like Massive Applications, Social Interfaces, Local, Data Visualization, Cloud Computing and Game Development.

Karina and Daniel will be basing their presentation on YDreams’ experience in Interactive Design and Ambient Intelligence. For a closer look at the program lined up go to:

Karina Israel co-chairs seminar at Rio de Janeiro’s ‘Casa do Saber’



Karina Israel, YDreams Brasil’s Executive Director will be co-chairing a seminar on the 16th of April at Rio de Janeiro’s ‘Casa do Saber’ (House of Knowledge in Portuguese) alongside Suzana Apelbaum, partner and VP for Creation at REDE agency, a multidisciplinary communications agency that is a part of the ABC Marketing Communication Group.

The course put together and administered by Suzana Apelbaum, is comprised of four sessions, set to take place on the 29th March, 5, 12 and 16th of April at 8 p.m. The sessions will revolve around and analyze new consumer profiles, the changes that have resulted from new agency and media formats as well as the new creative and production processes, the explosion of social networks, the emergence of ‘products that sell products’, brand experience and brand content, amongst others.

Karina was invited by Suzana to round off the seminars by sharing her experience at YDreams, a global company known for combing creativity, design and technology to create innovative communication formats. Karina will be showcasing the company’s more emblematic cases that feature some of the latest trends and novelties in interactive installations resulting in innovative experiences that are revolutionizing the way people today interact with brands.

‘Casa do Saber’ is a well- referenced center for debate, reflection and knowledge, located in both Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The extra-curricular environment also offers courses and workshops in areas like social sciences, literature, history, plastic arts and music.

‘Multiplus’ fun at Salvador da Bahia’s Carnaval


YDreams Brasil launched its latest project during the world famous Carnaval festivities underway from the 11th to the 17th of February in the city of Salvador da Bahia.


The project consisted of a 2,80 x 2,10 meter video wall featuring an interactive game using augmented reality and gesture interaction to promote Multiplus Fidelidade, which is Brazilian airline TAM’s new business unit. Multiplus Fidelidade revolves around the customer loyalty program concept, where customers may pool points from different programs and then exchange them for prizes offered by partner companies in a variety of market sectors.


Two video walls were set up at the Cerveja & Cia and Planeta Othon Quem lounges alongside the Carnaval parades. Carnaval-goers could see themselves inside the video wall, in real-time and were encouraged to interact with the colorful virtual balls that fell from the top of the huge screen using hand gestures. Each ball worth mystery points, also contained an icon representing group partners and products. The objective was to smash the greatest number of balls into oblivion in a 45-second game round, rack up points and turn them in for prizes that ranged from airfare and books to car rentals and discounts at the local gasoline station. In sum, a fun way to create brand awareness and guarantee that everyone goes home happy from Carnaval!