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Augmented Vision at Barroso EcoMuseum


The Barroso EcoMuseum in Montalaegre (northern Portugal) offers visitors to the region an insight into what makes their culture special and unique. The recently inaugurated museum collection is by nature traditional, however the way they’ve chosen to convey information to visitors is not.

The picture below features a wall of regional riches that represent much about the people of Montealegre. Objects on display range from work tools and arts and crafts to musical instruments and religious relics.


A few meters from the wall stand two interactive modules that YDreams conceived and developed specifically to explore the wall of Montalegre artifacts.


All visitors do is look into the screens displaying a real-time image of the wall of artifacts beyond. Tags indicating the name of each object appear next to the item on the screen; visitors then tap the screen over their item of choice to trigger additional information in the form of text and images about the objects that interest them most.

Pretty cool huh? An interactive Food Wheel, characteristic of the region of course, follows in August so stay tuned.

Augmented Reality applied to specific industries


Interesting post with plenty of visual examples by Ori Inbar, from Games Alfresco, on how Augmented Reality may be used to reinvent a number of industries .


Techies at play in an augmented world


The folks over at YLabs (our in-house R&D lab) wanted to show-off what our YVision platform could actually do so they put together this good-natured demo of the many ways people can interact in real-time with virtual elements in most any physical scenario.

Watch as the gang plays with something resembling a runny version of The Blob, has their minds read, volleys soapy bubbles about and oozes what reminds me of a virtual Slinky from both eyes, yet they seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves :)

Playing in an Augmented World from YDreams on Vimeo.

Real-life girl meets digital boy in augmented playground setting


Back in April 2008 we posted a video of our Augmented Reality mascot Flapi on YouTube, which was featured in popular tech blog Engadget, and other like-minded blogs.

Recently we upgraded our Flapi demo-video by bringing in our Creative Director’s daughter, as well as a couple of other virtual characters, to see exactly how they’d hit it off.

We’re glad to say things went well, and as you can see from the video below Flapi had no problem sharing the limelight, and the little girl seems delighted with her new playmates ;)

Real-time interaction with augmented reality mascots from YDreams on Vimeo.

Our CEO, António Camara, also presented the Flapi demo (based on YDreams’ SimVideo AR platform) at last month’s “Mobile and Gestural Digital Signage” conference at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas.

Patenting in Portugal


Virtual Sightseeing scenic viewer at Ponta do Sal (Cascais coast)

It’s not easy to patent in Portugal if the subject matter is not Chemistry or Mechanics.

YDreams’ first effort to get a patent started in 2005. We submitted a text with ‘claims’ that basically described augmented reality. Such claims were undisturbed until an International Search Report quoted the Azuma paper ‘A Survey of Augmented Reality’ as a direct prior art. We realized that our claim had to be corrected.

The Virtual SightSeeing ® device was then described in more detail, and 2007 saw YDreams get their first patent granted. In the wake lay many hours of programming, design, quality control, and sheer will. Paramount to any patent effort is time. Lots of it. That seminal patent still awaits approval in some countries, and YDreams proceeded to file application after application, with some decisions taking a bit longer than we had hoped.

With the disparity in legal systems, the long-standing struggles about software patents, and more recently business method patents, what policy is a small company with a big heart to take in regard to IP?

When researching or trying to convince oneself that something really is new and original, thoughts are sometimes mingled with a vague ancestral image that the logic has been done before and one is just applying it to new ends, just as answers to some questions are found in old books holding Latin mottos like est modus in rebus.

Augmented Reality Demos that Will Revolutionize Video Games


Games Alfresco, a blogger’s opinion about the future of Augmented Reality games and how the technology will revolutionize gaming.

Click to read more: Top 10 augmented reality demos that will revolutionize video games

Brand New Virtual Sightseeing Scenic Viewer


In the very near feature we’ll have a new version of the Virtual Sightseeing Scenic Viewer, our Augmented Reality landscape exploration device. Here’s a teaser, courtesy of Pedro Cardoso, our Art Director:

New Virtual Sightseeing Scenic Viewer