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James(TM) the Lifestyle Concierge Goes Global with LodgeNet and Square Group Partnerships


Back in October 2009 YDreams announced its new partnership with Montreal-based Green Vision Media (GVM), a hospitality experience solution provider with whom we co-developed James(TM) a Lifestyle Concierge product.

James(TM) is a mobile application catered specifically to the needs of travelers and hotel guests. It pretty much enables guests to find all sorts of information about the hotel and local area while also accessing interactive concierge services. James(TM) applications are cross-compatible with mobile platforms, allowing guests to access hotel information and services even when they are not in their rooms.

Recently GVM announced a partnership with LodgeNet Interactive, a leading provider of media and connectivity solutions for the hospitality industry, and Sqaure Group, a premium Apple Reseller, to ensure that James (TM) become a staple service in in-room entertainment systems at some of the world’s most prestigious hotel chains.

Through an exclusive agreement between Lodgenet and GVM, James(TM) the Lifestyle Concierge wil be made available to hotel guests via LodgeNet’s Premium IPTV solution, which also integrates the Apple® Mac mini in the rooms to provide guests with interactive services and Web browsing.

LodgeNet operates in the United States, Canada and México, serving close to 1.9 million hotel rooms, thereby reaching close to 500 million travelers annually. Sqaure Group covers Europe as the United Kingdom’s largest Apple Reseller. By incorporating James(TM) into their service offerings, the ‘LifeStyle Concierge’ is well on its way to becoming a unique global product in the hospitality sector.

YDreams and Green Vision Media Host Event to Officialize Partnership and Launch ‘James’



Yesterday, YDreams and Montreal-based Green Vision Media hosted an event at YDreams’ Lisbon HQ to celebrate their new partnership and the launch of James Version 2.0 ™.

James was conceived as a personal mobile concierge service for guests to explore hotel facilities as well as the city they are visiting. Availabe in several different languages James lets you explore hotel amenities that range from restaurants and their menus to gyms and spas. You can also make reservations on the fly, send digital postcards and explore city highlights, anytime and anywhere.

The application runs on your iPhone or iPod Touch, but if you don’t have one, no worries because hotels offering the service will provide you with one to use during your stay when you check in. Furthermore, James 2.0 ™ takes the experience to another level with special add-ons that turn the iPhone into your room key!

James Version 1.0 was piloted as the first concierge service for the iPhone of its kind at the W Hotel in Montreal, Canada in December 2008. Due to its success, James 2.0 ™ the next generation of mobile concierge will be launched on October 29, 2009, and work on version 3.0 is currently underway. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.