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YDreams’ role in Moscow’s Jewish Museum &Tolerance Center


The latest example of innovation YDreams brought to the traditional museum concept, as interactive technologies provider, is the Jewish Museum & Tolerance Center, developed in collaboration with Spanish firms CYAN Animática and GPD, and led by New York-based Ralph Applebaum Associates.

Star Table

YDreams’ role in the project was to help redefine the way visitors interact with some of the historical content in the museum space. The museum, based on the most recent museological concepts, aims to meet three major goals: to draw visitors’ attention through its original architecture and technological innovation; to evidence the characteristics of Jewish identity through a vast collection of items; and to present an empirical approach to the Holocaust based on survivors’ testimonials.

YDreams’ interactive Barrel solution

“In our role as technology partners, we were responsible for implementing various applications that enable guests to the museum to interact with history” explains Miguel Remédio, YDreams Founder and Head of International Operations. “Once more we were able to help redefine the way people apprehend information and acquire knowledge by resorting to every day acts such as sitting down at a café table for a chat with a virtual historical figure”. 

Watch Cyan’s JM&TC Video below:

Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center. Moscow Еврейский музей и центр толерантности from Cyan on Vimeo.

YDreams’ Technologies Power Football-themed Roadshow in Qatar


Our most recent project has taken us to the Middle Eastern nation of Qatar where YDreams partnered with SDI, an innovative Canadian marketing agency to put together an interactive and itinerant roadshow dubbed Koora Time. The roadshow, aimed primarily at engaging youths, kicked off on May 10, 2013 during the quarter finals of the Emir Cup.

The Koora Time Roadshow (Koora means football in Arabic) was commissioned by the Qatar Football Association and sponsored by Shell. Following the Cup, it will be activated some 20 times, throughout the country, over the next two years. The roadshow aims to promote football and physical exercise amongst Qatari youths by engaging them through football related interactive games.

The roadshow’s multiple interactive experiences challenge participants to get plenty of exercise. The applications all revolve around YDreams’ technologies complemented by Kinect consoles. A total of seven challenges, which mimic different phases of the game of football and are all interconnected, make up the Koora roadshow. The activities range from “the Locker Room” where visitors first register to participate via a QR coded bracelet, and the “Sprint”, a game where participants are pitted against two virtual opponents to see who sprints the fastest from one end of the pitch to the other, to “the Goalie”, a goalkeeping game where participants see how many balls they can block in one minute, amongst others. At the end, after an intense workout & good fun, players also get to see how many calories they have actually burned.

The Koora Time Roadshow follows other projects YDreams’ has developed for the gulf-based Canadian marketing agency. The partnership between the two companies plans to deliver future exciting projects that foster innovative marketing campaigns through the mix of YDreams’ interactive technologies and design.

YDreams’ most recent Interpretation Center: “Vale Glaciar do Zêzere”


YDreams recently implemented high-end digital solutions at the new “Vale Glaciar de Zêzere” interpretation center, which aims to recount the history of “Serra da Estrela”. 

The center, located in a valley shaped and molded by a glacier thousands of years ago, was commissioned by Manteigas Municipality. The center, now housed inside a lodge that once belonged to the regional forest ranger, is dedicated to recounting the history of Manteigas Village, the valley and the relationship between the two.

The highlight of the center is an immersive audio-visual experience that takes visitors on a virtual flight over a recreation of the Zêzere Glacier Valley (30.000 years back) complete with narration of the phenomena that led to the formation of the glacier.

YDreams’ has extensive experience with the conception, design and technological development of Interpretation Centers. Aside from this new center in Manteigas, below is a list of similar developments for centers in Portugal and abroad:

BTEK Interpretation Center:

Castelo Branco Environmental Interpretation Center:

Belmonte Interpretation Center:

Bragança Science Center:

Lisbon Story Center:

VIDEO: For a closer look at the new Interpretation Center, CICK HERE to watch Portuguese news channel RTP’s coverage of the center!

YDreams Tech Behind 1st Museum Dedicated Exclusively to Quartz


Below the video:

Bill Buxton gives talk at New Lisbon University’s Faculty of Science


Bill Buxton will be in Lisbon from the 16th to the 18th of May for the User Experience Lisbon (UXLX) conference as one of its guest speakers. On May 17th at 3 p.m. the Canadian computer scientist and designer, will also be coming to the Faculty of Science (New Lisbon University) campus, where YDreams is coincidentally headquarted, to give a talk on The Nature of Natural User Interaction.

Mr. Buxton is currently a Principal researcher at Microsoft Research and is known internationally for being one of the pioneers in the human–computer interaction field, which YDreams often incorporates into its interactivity projects! Hearing him speak will be a real treat!

More info here:

Forum Sintra’s Virtual Aquarium – the video


In mid October we posted about our Virtual Aquarium project for Forum Sintra, on the outskirts of Lisbon, where guests get to create their very own customized virtual pet fish and then standby and simply enjoy the view.

Enjoy the video:

Augmented Reality app for National Geographic’s content


Appshaker came up with this very cool way for people to interact with the amazing world of National Geographic Channel’s content from around the globe!

Take a look:

Live Augmented Reality for National Geographic Channel / UPC from Appshaker Ltd on Vimeo.

“Viagens Italianas”(Italian Voyages) infused with YDreams interactivity



The exhibition Viagens Italianas (Italian Voyages), sponsored by UNESCO, recently inaugurated at the Brazilian National Archive in Rio de Janeiro, and YDreams Brasil was responsible for conceiving and implementing interactive solutions for the exhibit that include a Magic Book, an interactive walkway, multimedia projections and directional sound columns geared at presenting contents and helping visitors explore the intricate and complex relationship between Brazil and Italy, largely due to the huge influx of Italian immigration to Brazil between 1887 and 1930, as well as Brazil’s strong Italo-Brazilian heritage.


The exhibition, which opened November 3rd, 2011 will run through till February 10th, 2012 at Rio’s National Archive.

For more information:


A better look at YDreams’ Rock in Rio 2011 booths


In September we told you about the work we did for two booths at Rock in Rio 2011 – O Submarino and Virtual Hang-gliding over Rio de Janeiro state.

Below, the videos, to give you better idea of what we are talking about!

O Submarino:

Virtual Hang-gliding:

YDreams Brasil keeping to the beat of Rock in Rio 2011


Rock in Rio, one of the largest music festivals in the world, is going strong in its namesake city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The festival kicked off on September 23rd and is underway till October 2nd. Also going strong and determined not to miss the music festival is YDreams Brasil, which is bringing its own brand of interactivity to the festival with two very different stands!

The first immerses visitors in an underwater voyage aboard the Nautilus of Rock – a stand-come submarine, where visitors can, among other things, create and customize their very own virtual rocker-fish, which immediately come into being in the sub’s virtual aquarium. The latter stand developed for the state government of Rio de Janeiro, and of a very different nature, keeps the adrenaline pumping by giving folks a chance to take a virtual flight over the breath-taking sights Rio de Janeiro state has to offer.

Both are without a doubt two excellent ways to make sure there is never a dull moment at Rock in Rio 2011.

The Nautilus of Rock

The Nautilus of Rock

Virtual Hand-gliding over Rio de Janeiro State

Virtual Hand-gliding over Rio de Janeiro State

‘Parque Família Blue’ back for a second year in a row, but this time in Porto and Spain


The interactive technologies-based theme park, ‘Parque Família Blue’ is back for a second year, but this time in Porto, northern Portugal’s largest city. The theme park, conceived by YDreams for Gas Natural Fenosa, one of Europe’s principal energy companies, was implemented for the first time in April 2010 at the Dolce Vita Tejo Shopping Center on the outskirts of Lisbon.

‘Parque Familia Blue’ is made up of a numerous interactive technologies that engage children through a series of games and activities designed to foster environmental awareness and teach energy efficiency.

Gas Natural Fenosa was extremely pleased with the results from last year’s event and decided to bring the theme park to Porto in 2011. In addition, after Porto ‘Parque Família Blue’ heads for Coruña in Northern Spain until May 1st, and then to Barcelona in October.

‘Parque Família Blue’ is up and running at Dolce Vita Porto’s Urban Plaza and is open to the public daily from March 17th to April 5th from 10h00 to 19h00. The park also welcomes and schedules daily school trips from all over Portugal.

For more information click HERE!

To watch the YouTube video from last year’s event click HERE.

YDreams interactivity on show at São Paulo’s 26th International Automobile Salon


YDreams’ mark can be felt at the 26th edition of São Paulo’s International Auto Show underway from October 27th to November 7th at the Anhembi Exhibition pavilion. Car lovers of all ages who flock to the event are privy to interactive technologies that make exploring the cars on display only half the fun.

The interactive technologies specialist introduced a ‘Superman’ style X-Ray vision app that proved to be a most original way for visitors to the Fiat stand to get to know the ‘insides’ and standout features of the brand new Mio prototype, the first collaborative car in the industry. Right next to the car stands a large-sized plasma that invites people to see what event-goers have to say about the Mio on Twitter. The app picks up all Mio-related tweets and playfully displays them alongside the person’s head in comic-strip style thought balloons.

See video below:

Further along, at the Toyota stand, visitors come across another YDreams’ creative application that was developed to help create public awareness and spread the word about the work the Toyota Foundation has been doing to reforest the Brazilian Atlantic Rain forest, as well as its attempts to help preserve the Blue Macaw. At the stand, people are able to see their moving silhouettes outlined on a video wall depicting tropical settings; in an adjacent video wall, people see their silhouette set against landscapes of the Brazilian Pantanal, where a Blue Macaw soars overhead before disappearing from sight.


BTEK Center powered by YDreams


( The BTEK project is particularly close to the hearts of our fellow YDreamers over in Barcelona, as well as our neighboring country :) For this reason we’ve decided to include the Spanish version of the text after the English.)

YDreams has been commissioned by Bizkaia Technology Park to conceive and develop interactive solutions for the BTEK Center, a scientific interpretation center set to become a landmark, on the inside as well as the outside.

The BTEK Center’s impressive building is located in Zamudio, inside the Technology Park, which rises like a jagged black crystal withstanding the harsh winters of Biscay Province. The small town of Zamudio, minutes away from downtown Bilbao, is nestled amongst verdant mountains so characteristic of the Basque Country.

The Technology Park, one of the biggest in Spain, was established in 1985 by Basque Country public institutions and designed to promote diversification in industry as well as the transfer and diffusion of technology and innovation. The future BTEK Center aims to help visitors connect with technology and science, thereby stimulating rational thinking and a more critical spirit among audiences. Read the rest of this entry »

YDreams ’08 Overview


For obvious reasons, and a lingering hangover mood, yearly turns are usually a good time to balance and overview.

2008 was a hard year for us, but one in which we achieved fantastic progress and good results. Revenue wise it was our best year so far. We’ve also set founding stones for great initiatives that we are confident will bear fruits in 2009. Audience Entertainment, our joint-venture with BEL, is obviously one of them. Invisible Network also has an incredible potential, and sets us on the course for something truly revolutionary, especially since we’ve registered some interest in related spin-offs. Read the rest of this entry »

They Are at the Store*


In a time of advanced and pervasive communications, brands and corporations are struggling to find and engage with their consumers. Channels have fragmented. Audiences are scattered everywhere. Still, companies are constantly looking to effectively impact people.

There is still a place where you are sure to connect with consumers, where you can use interactivity to create surprise and engage in a totally new relationship with people. No, it’s not the Web. It’s at the store, dummy.

The store is the place where you have the best shot of really going for it, connect with your audience using all their senses (or most), using a set of tools that would be unmatched in any other place. This, for example, is what we have done in Porto, together with TMN. This what how we perceive interactivity: as a means to create experiences that are really remarkable. Because they are real.

*or at the Showroom, or at your Headquarters, or at your Company’s Museum, or at… you get it now.

Bits from the Expo II


Outside the Expo proper, next to one of the entrances, was the brilliant Digital Water Pavillion (DWP). Part of a future technological park project called Milla Digital (designed by MIT’s Department of Urban Studies and Planning), the DWT showcased an array of interactive water curtains.



By means of asking the pavilion’s staff, you could have a word of your choice appear written in the curtains.

Specially at night, when lighting played a big role, the effect was very unexpected, seamless and poetic (except for the “slippery when wet” yellow signs). Video here.

Find the complete credits here.

Bits from Expo I


The Sub-Saharan Africa pavilion, actually an entire building that housed several countries, put on an impressive out-door show, everyday.

The entire outside wall was covered by a mosaic of 15cm square plaques. These pieces were decorated with translucent silvery vinyl and were hung from the top, as if sequins, so that they would sway with the wind creating a very convincing, and soothing, building-sized water rippling effect.


At night, though, the thing would burst into light and serve as a gigantic screen, in which the plaques acted as black-and-white pixels, each powered by a set of 4 white LEDs. Of course images could only be perceived from a relatively large distance and had a CGA-comparable pixel resolution.


Content featured a long and exciting sequence of animations and real video, intended to pass some water-related awareness message, according to those who designed it.

(Allow me to say that in front of a sun-bright thousand LEDs, environmental awareness -or any kind of awareness, for that matter- isn’t the first thing that pops into your mind. Nothing really pops into your mind. You just feel amazed, kind of happy, physically overwhelmed, and for those in the mood, a pure technological bliss.)

Video here.

Apparently, design and concept (not sure about technology) were the works of German Atelier Brueckner. Project and construction from Swiss Nussli. Both with powerful portfolios.