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“Senna Emotion” itinerant exhibition takes to the road once more


In collaboration with Instituto Ayrton Senna, YDreams is bringing back the “Senna Emotion” itinerant exhibition 20 years after race-car champion Ayrton Senna died in a fatal accident during the GP in San Marino.


“Senna Emotion – a 20 year legacy” was especially adapted for shopping centers. The first itinerant exhibition in 2012 passed through São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba, attracting over 80,000 visitors. In 2014, the target cities are Ribeirão Preto, Florianópolis and Sorocaba with São Paulo, Curitiba, São José do Rio Preto, Brasília, Porto Alegre, Campinas, Recife and Belo Horizonte following in 2015. The exhibition will spend 45 days in each city and will be sponsored by Shopping Iguatemi and Dunlop.


Koora Time Roadshow in Qatar


YDreams partnered with SDI, an innovative Canadian marketing agency,to conceive, design and develop an interactive and itinerant roadshow dubbed “Koora Time”. The roadshow, commissioned by the Qatar Football Association and sponsored by Shell, aimed primarily at engaging youths, kicked off on May 10, 2013 during the quarter finals of the Emir Cup. The roadshow will be activated some 20 times over the next two years.

“Senna Emotion” interactive exhibition rounds off Brazilian tour in Curitiba


“Senna Emotion” – YDreams’ interactive exhibition about Brazilian race car driver Aryton Senna, in collaboration with Instituto Aryton Senna, is in the last leg of its ‘Brazilian tour’.

The exhibition, which delighted hundreds of thousands of fans and admirers, kicked off in São Paulo’s Estação República Metro station on May 1st, put in an appearance at Rio de Janeiro’s Museu Histórico Nacional (Natural History Museum) and is now in its final leg of the race at Curitiba’s Cultural Sistema Fiep until August 31st.

Plans to take the exhibition to other Brazilian cities and even abroad are a strong possibility! Below some shots of the exhibition in Curitiba.



Bohemia Brewery Experience (Cervejaria Bohemia): Pics of the center


The Bohemia Brewery Experience opened officially to the public in June 2012. The project is a milestone for YDreams both in Brazil and around the world, featuring the company’s creative technologies as the driving force behind an innovative project – the first of its kind in Latin America – that offers visitors a unique voyage into the art, culture and history of beer brewing at the recently refurbished brewery.

Below a look inside the center!


“The ultimate beer brewing experience in Petropolis” (Source:


One of the visitors to Cervejaria Bohemia (Bohemia Brewery) in Petropolis, a historic town located in Rio de Janeiro state, generously shared her recent experience at the brewery’s interactive center.

We wanted to share it with you because it really showcases YDreams role, as the technology solutions provider for the project, well.

Thanks “ny2rio”! Glad you enjoyed it!

To read full post go here:

The Bohemia Brewery Experience (photo from

Blogging about the Bohemia Brewery Experience


Two Brazilian bloggers recently gave us some pretty cool detailed descriptions of their experience at the recently inaugurated Cervejaria Bohemia, (powered by YDreams latest technologies) in historic Petropolis in Rio de Janeiro state.

The posts, both in Portuguese, include plenty of pics. (thanks for the posts guys) Check them out if you can!

Rio com Ela:

Papo de Bar:

YDreams’ Brewery Experience for Brazilian Brand Bohemia


During the first semester of 2012, YDreams, through its offices in Rio and São Paulo, has been launching some pretty impressive projects for some very impactful brands. The first, Rio’s Light Energy Museum (Museu Light da Energia) was followed shortly by “Senna Emotion” an interactive exhibition dedicated to iconic Formula One champion Aryton Senna. The latest and most recent, the Cervejaria Bohemia (Bohemia Brewery) experience in the historic city of Petropolis in Rio de Janeiro state, officially opened its doors to the general public this past May 5th, 2012.

The project, which has become a milestone for YDreams both in Brazil and around the world, features the company’s creative technologies as the driving force behind an innovative project – the first of its kind in Latin America – that offers visitors a unique voyage into the art, culture and history of beer brewing at the recently refurbished brewery.

AmBev, a subsidiary of global brewing company Anheuser-Busch InBev, and the biggest brewery in Latin America, Rio de Janeiro State government and Petropolis Municipality, recently joined forces to reopen Cervejaria Bohemia in historic Petropolis. The renovated brewery, deactivated in 1998, will, in addition to resuming beer production, offers visitors an immersive Bohemia experience guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding beer connoisseur.

“YDreams, in collaboration with São Paulo-based Criacitta, who were responsible for the center’s scenography, has created a technological state of the art project, where the objective is to offer visitors an immersive and unforgettable experience”, explains Karina Israel, YDreams Brasil’s Executive Director, “with the Cervejaria Bohemia center, technology is but the means to an end, and not the end in itself; here technology is used ultimately to enhance the visitor experience and increase Bohemia brand recall”.

Throughout the entire center YDreams used environmental intelligence as the cornerstone for Cervejaria Bohemia’s technological conception; access points embedded into the natural environment, simple, intuitive, easy to use interfaces, real-time, adaptable content, visitor recognition and the ability to share visitor experiences, photos and videos directly on social media networks are what make a visit to the center the ultimate beer brewing experience.

Numerous impactful technologies, designed to blur the boundary between the real and the virtual, were deployed at the Cervejaria Bohemia center. Listed below are some of Cervejaria Bohemia’s highlights:

  • The “Elevator Experience” – visitors are treated to a virtual flyover of the brewery’s production facilities plus a 180º immersive video projection on a dome. The video dictates the brewery’s immediate physical environment, e.g. images of fiery furnaces yield hot blowing air and so forth;
  • The ability to walk upon a river of beer, explore the pages of ancient monk scrolls using simple hand gestures;
  • Creating your own customized Bohemia shield in the center tavern;
  • Learn all about ingredients such as malt barley and hops that go into making beer;
  • Stimulating interactive games that partake the art of beer brewing, while visitors play with natural user interfaces that use 3D cameras (similar to the ones used in Kinect);
  • Visitors can take pictures of themselves immersed in fields of barley or other backgrounds allusive to the art of brewing and send it to their friends, or print it out as a unique and memorable Cervejaria Bohemia beer bottle label;
  • Everything visitors experience at the center will be stored in a ‘virtual cloud’ associated to bracelets visitors receive when arriving at the center. The unique code embedded in each bracelet may be uploaded onto computers using the internet, or shared via social media links (e.g. Facebook & Twitter) at interactive multi-touch tables at the end of the Cervejaria Bohemia center.

YDreams’ Behind the First Museum Dedicated Exclusively to Quartz


The Portuguese Minister of Science and Education Nuno Crato, and other dignitaries were on location in Monte de Santa Luzia, a region where quartz was once mined, on the outskirts of Viseu (a city in north central Portugal) this past Monday, April 30th, 2012, to inaugurate the first museum dedicated exclusively to Quartz.

The exploratory space was 100% conceptualized, managed and developed by YDreams, who planned and designed interactive technologies for the educational environment in accordance with script content developed by Professor Galopim de Carvalho, a renowned Portuguese Geologist.

The exhibit consists of six distinct stages: Quartz in Monte de Santa Luzia, the Earth as a Source of Quartz, the Kingdom of Quartz, the ‘Properties of Minerals’ Lab, a Showcase of Quartz samples, and Practical Applications for Quartz. The permanent museum project required a marriage of complex educational content and immersive interactive technologies that have resulted in a compelling and smoothly operational experience for visitors of all ages.

Below, some images of the museum on inauguration day:

Nuno Crato and Professor Galopim de Carvalho interact with touch kiosk

RTP1 news crew on location for official inauguration

“Senna Emotion” – Interactive Exhibition about Aryton Senna in Brazil


“Senna Emotion” – YDreams’ interactive exhibition about Brazilian race car driver Aryton Senna, in collaboration with Instituto Aryton Senna, that takes visitors on an exciting journey through the Formula One champion’s life and career achievements.

The exhibition opens to the public in São Paulo, Brazil’s Estação República Metro station on May 1st and runs till June 3rd, 2012. It then moves to Rio de Janeiro’s Museu Histórico Nacional (Natural History Museum) from June 16th to July 16th and closes in Curitiba at the Cultural Sistema Fiep from August 1st to the 31st.

Enjoy, and we’d love to hear what you thought of it.

YDreams interactive apps at Barcelona’s Natural Science Museum


YDreams’, along with Nueveojos, the audiovisual creative studio responsible for the app and content design, created these intuitive & easy to use interfaces that make browsing exhibition content at Museu de les Ciències Naturals de Barcelona (also know as Museu Blau) fun and memorable. Below, the video:

YDreams Virtual Aquarium @ Lego World 2012, Copenhagen


Check out the video below, of young and old, having good fun interacting with our virtual aquarium at last month’s Lego World 2012:


Audience Entertainment’s Audience Game for Disney


The video :) powered by YDreams’ technology:

YDreams’ Technology Drives 1st Interactive Gaming Cinema Ad Campaign in Theaters across the U.S.


Audience Entertainment (AE) ̶ co-owned by YDreams ̶ and NCM Media Networks are bringing audiences’ favorite brands to life on the big screen in select movie theaters across the U.S. this holiday season.

AE and NCM Media Networks worked together with a top travel industry brand to create a new interactive cinema audience game. The game, powered by a proprietary platform that enhances human-computer interactions and create engaging and robust applications, will be used for the first time in a national cinema ad campaign across the United States.

In the game, moviegoers are able to join a classic cartoon character in a 90-second interactive, big screen version of a wild water ride from the comfort of their movie theater seats. By moving their arms and acting together as a group, the audience creates a virtual “human joystick” to control the videogame action onscreen – zipping down the slide and retrieving objects along the way. The score will be posted at the end of the game, but no matter what the tally, the audience always wins by being among the first in the U.S. to experience the future of cinema advertising.

The new AudienceGame is being presented exclusively during NCM’s FirstLook pre-feature program in select movie theaters in major markets including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Knoxville, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washing-ton, DC.

This exciting new campaign features Audience Entertainment Group’s first-ever use of the combi-nation of live video and animated overlays in an AudienceGame.

To view the game, CLICK HERE.

Interactive badges by Ynvisible, in collaboration with Enfucell and IDTechEx


Ynvisible (YDreams’ first spinout company) in collaboration with Enfucell and IDTechEx, produced close to 1600 interactive badges to distribute to participants and attendees at the upcoming Printed Electronics USA 2011 tradeshow.

Ynvisible's Interactive Badge for the Printed Electronics Tradeshow

Ynvisible's Interactive Badge for the Printed Electronics Tradeshow

The badges contain three interactive graphic layers, activated by the push of a button. Each layer, designed specifically for the event, conveys IDTechEx’s marketing messages. Technologically, the interactive badges are a hybrid solution, based on a combination of printed electronics  ̶  Ynvisible’s electrochromics-based interactive graphics and Enfucell’s SoftBattery®  ̶  and traditional electronics, namely the printed circuit boards, buttons and wiring. Designers from Ynvisible and IDTechEx jointly designed the interactive badges, with the final assembly of badges carried out by Ynvisible.

“The combination of established color printing and printed interactive graphics brings new levels of interaction and communication power to everyday items. Consumers who enjoy the interactivity of on-line content and services will now increasingly start to find such features also in printed products”, said Jani-Mikael Kuusisto, Chief Business Development Officer for Ynvisible.

IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA 2011 conference and tradeshow is the biggest event in the world on the topic. This year’s tradeshow will be the largest Printed Electronics exhibition to date, with 105 exhibiting companies already confirmed. The tradeshow is on from November 30th to December 1st, 2011 at the Santa Clara Convention Centre.

YDreams Sensorium hits the Scandanavian market


Following Portugal and Switzerland, the Sensorium (a sensorial experience initially developed by YDreams for L’Oreal Portugal’s Luxury division, and launched in November 2010) roll-out continues. Another interactive gondola was just installed in Stockholm at Åhlens, Sweden’s largest department store!



Giant virtual aquarium brings a splash of interactive fun to Forum Sintra



Forum Sintra, located on the outskirts of Lisbon, is the 12th and most recent Multimall Management shopping center in Portugal. The center, which opened its doors to the public in April 2011, wanted to offer shoppers an innovative attraction that would appeal especially to younger audiences, and help foster enjoyable memories and positive connections between guests and the center.

After brainstorming with client Multimall, creative technologies specialist YDreams proposed a giant-sized interactive virtual aquarium they dubbed Fixelândia, for the enjoyment of the center’s guests. (Note: the name is a play on words because in Portuguese fixe means cool, but also sounds like the word ‘fish’)


The experience, unique to Forum Sintra, gives guests the chance to create and thoroughly customize their own virtual pet fish. Two touch consoles, located at each end of the giant virtual aquarium, comprised of fifteen 40” monitors, invite shoppers to customize their pets. Guests use the touch screens to create their new friend from scratch – they decide on the shape of the body and fins, as well as the color of its eyes and stripes. The variables available enable guests to create up to 30.000 distinct fish, so the risk that any two fish will be identical is minimal! After determining what their new pet will look like, guests get to name it and release it into Fixelândia!

Creating their new pet fish is only half the fun; to make sure they grow into happy, healthy Guppies, the fish need to be fed and visited, a task that can only be accomplished by checking in at the touch consoles at Forum Sintra. The more you visit your virtual pet fish, the bigger and happier it grows, and the more you are able to further customize it by adding new features. In addition, a dedicated website ( is also available so that guests can regularly check up on their pet fish from home to see how it’s doing.

Portuguese post-office inaugurates high-tech flagship store powered by YDreams


CTT (Correios de Portugal), the Portuguese postal service, commissioned YDreams to develop several interactive solutions to boost customer involvement and autonomy at its new HQ flagship store in Parque das Nações in Lisbon.


The flagship store, inaugurated September 12th, 2011 at its new Lisbon headquarters in Parque das Nações, features YDreams’ interactive solutions, developed and designed to offer appealing interactive platforms that promote and advertise CTT’s products and services, and foster customer involvement and promote autonomy. Guests to the new store are now able to use the latest technologies to purchase products (i.e. stamps, envelops and books) issue money transfers, customize their own postage stamps and browse CTT’s extensive financial products portfolio.


YDreams’ solutions include six large touch screens dispersed throughout the store that double as digital signage informing customers of the various product lines (postal services, telecommunications, etc.) available at the store. A sophisticated back office platform uploads dynamic content onto the tactile touch screens, which display in addition to product information and promo campaigns, recreational yet practical options such as taking one’s picture in loco and using it to create customized postal stamps, or using Augmented Reality technology to visualize envelopes and boxes in their actual size and shape.


Elsewhere in the store customers can interact with a Multi-touch table to explore CTT’s financial products such as international money transfers and certificates of deposit in greater detail. Furthermore, using the potential of multi-touch technology, users can simulate long-term savings investments and view a variety of financial product sheets that they can be forwarded to their email accounts.

Finally to round off the CTT high-tech flagship store experience, YDreams has also created a series of interactive projections featuring randomly generated contents, which are projected onto the store window display, further contributing towards drawing the attention of passersby, promoting the new venue as well as its campaigns and services.

All YDreams’ interactive apps were designed and selected to harmoniously blend into the architectural project for the venue, which was conceived by S3 Arquitectos, a Lisbon based-firm.

Interactive gesture-based wall jazzes things up at the Terra Portal booth at São Paulo’s Maximídia Fair


Visitors to the Portal Terra booth at São Paulo’s Maximídia Fair, a shop window into the communication industry in all Brazil, were treated to a YDreams interactive wall whose contents they could interact with using simple gestures.

Take a look in the video below:

Virtual Butterfly Gallery in Rio de Janeiro


YDreams Brasil’s latest interactivity project involves gorgeous butterflies – virtual ones that is! The Virtual Butterfly Gallery, crafted for a permanent exhibition on butterflies native to the Atlantic rain forest in Rio de Janeiro state, inaugurated this past July 30th at Quitandina Palace in Petropolis, an historical city nestled in the forested hills north of Rio de Janeiro.


The exhibition was sponsored and put together by SESC (Social Services for Merchant Commerce) a non-profit Brazilian institute founded in 1946 that caters to the social well-being of mercantile and service industry professionals and their families. SESC organizes activities related to areas such as education, health, recreation, and culture.


YDreams solutions for the exhibit include butterflies of all shapes and colors projected onto a leaf-like sculpture that react as visitors approach by fluttering about and away. Visitors are also treated to eight 32” touch screen totems that feature extensive information about the different species, as well as the chance to create their own virtual butterfly, which they can then email to friends and family.


Cisco’s concept video on the future of shopping made possible


Not long ago Cisco gave us this concept video on the future of shopping:

We’ve gone beyond the concept and are on our way to making it, and a whole lot more possible ;)