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Antão Almada hosts YVision Workshop at the Creative Learning Conference



Antão Almada, YDreams’ Strategic Software Development Director, will be hosting a workshop dubbed “YVision, an Interactive application for Learning” at the Creative Learning Conference at Centro Congressos de Lisboa on Monday, October 26th, 2011.
Antão presently heads the company’s YVision team that has been working on the development of a platform for applications based on Natural User Interfaces (NUI) and Augmented Reality (AR).

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AMA booth decked out in YDreams technology @ Portugal Tecnológico 2010


A.M.A. booth at Portugal Tecnolóico 2010

AMA booth at Portugal Tecnolóico 2010

AMA, Portugal’s Agency for Administrative Modernization, commissioned YDreams to develop intuitive, interactive solutions that would allow visitors to their booth at Portugal Tecnológico 2010, an event dedicated to showcasing the latest trends and breakthroughs in technology and innovation on a national level, to explore the public institute’s Simplification Projects and latest services for citizens.

Interactive touch table

Interactive touch table

Visitors to the AMA booth can browse digital touch displays to learn more about the new Portuguese national identity card (first launched in mid 2006) as well as the latest administrative operations, among others, which can now be performed online. Another YDreams app on hand is an interactive touch table for exploring the extensive network of citizen shops and single point of contact counters administered by AMA throughout Portugal, and locate any specific one, anywhere in the country.

Gestured-based digital info display

Tactile digital info display

The event, which kicked off on the 22nd September will run till the 26th September at FIL (Lisbon’s International Fairgrounds) in Parque das Nações.

Scott Berkun, Paul Graham, Luke W


Scott Berkun managed the development o Internet Explorer. I read his “Myths of Innovation” book this weekend. It is the first book I read that understands the messy reality of growing an innovative business after Peter Drucker’s “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”.

If you want to kill ideas please check his blog post on the subject (and the 88 comments). Please check also some useful essays at on everything from usability to managing people.

Paul Graham is the author of “Hackers and Painters” one of the most provocative books on technology. Check this post especially on the item 8. Colleges will Change. I totally agree with these paragraphs:

“The greatest value of universities is not the brand name or perhaps even the classes so much as the people you meet. If it becomes common to start a startup after college, students may start trying to maximize this. Instead of focusing on getting internships at companies they want to work for, they may start to focus on working with other students they want as cofounders.

What students do in their classes will change too. Instead of trying to get good grades to impress future employers, students will try to learn things. We’re talking about some pretty dramatic changes here.”

Luke W designed Yahoo and Ebay interfaces. He spoke at SHIFT in September 200 (see his talk at this link). His talk on designing for Web 2.0 is also excellent.