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Bradesco Next – the video


ISMAR09 and the future of AR


I had a great time at the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality 2009 (ISMAR09). I met lots of amazing and smart people. It’s great to see the faces and talk to people I’ve been following on blogs, twitter and videos.

I’m an engineer so I like to know what makes AR “tick” but, nowadays I’ve been more interested in the interaction side of AR. The first couple of days I attended the “Science and Technology” sessions but, on the last two days, I decided to check the “Arts, Media and Humanities” sessions.

My first reaction to the “Arts, Media and Humanities” sessions was that they had little to do with AR but, I had a great time. One thing artists do very well is question the system.

I had the same feeling about the keynotes. They were great and presented by very interesting people but, were they related to Azuma’s AR definition? At the first glance, they weren’t:

Mark Mine (Walt Disney Imagineering) – Showed how a make believe world is done. (I had the chance to ride all the attractions of “Future World” at Disney Epcot and it is AWESOME.)

Natasha Tsakos (Up Wake) – Did a performance in synch with projected videos. (I did enjoy the show and had the pleasure to talk to her. She not only did the keynote but also participated in the conference and seamed honestly interested on its technological side.)

Pattie Maes (MIT Media Lab) – Presented the famous “sixth sense” project. (Some people argue that it’s not AR.)

Was the ISMAR09 organization wrong to bring these people or was it like an artist questioning the AR state of the art?

Azuma’s AR definition is correct and I agree with it from the point of view of a computer vision scientist but, is there AR beyond it?

“Sixth sense” involves a projector just like YDreams’ interactive floor projections. In the following video you can see “Virtual Garden”, one of the first applications we created.

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YDreams talks to ‘Falar Global’ about the future TV and much more


YDreams’ CEO, António Câmara, Ivan Franco and Inês Henriques sat down with ‘Falar Global’, a program on SIC Notícias. which looks at the impact information and knowledge technologies have on our daily lives.

The interview covers a range of topics that include YDreams’ take on what we can expect from televisions of the future, as well as the company’s work in the field of augmented reality, and in transforming the objects and surfaces around us into screens people can interact with.

For more see video!

Unthinkable Futures


Often we’re asked to imagine futuristic scenarios for possible products and projects. Often the first ideas are stuck to already available technology. So I also often remember a great article on the Whole Earth Review 25th anniversary edition (1993).

The article in question was titled Unthinkable Futures. The authors, Kevin Kelly (Wired magazine editor) and Brian Eno (musician), show how to open our minds beyond what’s technologically predictable.

One of my favorite quotes:

News is understood to be a creation of our attention and interests (rather than “the truth”) and news shows are redesigned “thinktanks”, where four interesting minds from different disciplines are asked the question, “So what do YOU think happened today?”

Thinking about tomorrow



The Wall Street Journal looks 10 years ahead and imagines how technology will change the way we shop, learn, entertain ourselves, get news, protect our privacy and connect with friends. The long article is structured in seven sections, each written by a different WSJ staff writer:

  • How we shop
  • How we play games
  • How we watch movies and TV
  • How we make and keep friends
  • How we search online
  • How we get news
  • How we protect our privacy

Full article:

YDreams T-shirt


this is an idea for a possible YDreams tshirt. would you wear one?

Available Soon at a ‘Future near You’



As if there weren’t already plenty of gadgets and gizmos out there for us to choose from, check out this article on Top 10 technology wonders that don’t exist yet.

A quick glance at one or two:


B–Membrane Computer: personally it reminds me of a kitchen appliance gone askew, but this oddly shaped contraption will dispense with monitors and beam images onto any surface via a built in projector. Cool, huh?


Timeflex Stick on Watch: at first glance wearable tattoo came to mind but no, apparently it’s a real bonafide watch you can stick anywhere on your skin. Kids are bound to love this one!