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YDreams, part-owner of NY-based Audience Entertainment, behind technology that drives company’s interactive group gaming platform


Yesterday, NY-based Audience Entertainment, part-owned by YDreams, announced it had established a partnership with Barco Inc., a global tech company known for its innovative projection systems. The two will soon be launching a new interactive technology platform called iD – Interactive Dimension™, based entirely on YDreams’ pioneering technology that promises to revolutionize the future of cinema by offering an interactive global network in thousands of cinemas around the world.

Below, an audience game developed using YDreams technology, and deployed by Audience Entertainment, for a massive group, outdoors in Lyon, France:

YDreams’ Technology Drives 1st Interactive Gaming Cinema Ad Campaign in Theaters across the U.S.


Audience Entertainment (AE) ̶ co-owned by YDreams ̶ and NCM Media Networks are bringing audiences’ favorite brands to life on the big screen in select movie theaters across the U.S. this holiday season.

AE and NCM Media Networks worked together with a top travel industry brand to create a new interactive cinema audience game. The game, powered by a proprietary platform that enhances human-computer interactions and create engaging and robust applications, will be used for the first time in a national cinema ad campaign across the United States.

In the game, moviegoers are able to join a classic cartoon character in a 90-second interactive, big screen version of a wild water ride from the comfort of their movie theater seats. By moving their arms and acting together as a group, the audience creates a virtual “human joystick” to control the videogame action onscreen – zipping down the slide and retrieving objects along the way. The score will be posted at the end of the game, but no matter what the tally, the audience always wins by being among the first in the U.S. to experience the future of cinema advertising.

The new AudienceGame is being presented exclusively during NCM’s FirstLook pre-feature program in select movie theaters in major markets including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Knoxville, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washing-ton, DC.

This exciting new campaign features Audience Entertainment Group’s first-ever use of the combi-nation of live video and animated overlays in an AudienceGame.

To view the game, CLICK HERE.

Audience game powered by YDreams technology picks up a Silver at the Ermis Awards


New York-based Audience Entertainment, co-owned by YDreams, worked with OgilvyOne Greece to develop an interactive media campaign for Cosmote, the largest mobile network operator in that country.

The 3D audience game, powered entirely by YDreams technology, recently picked up an Ermis Silver, in the interactive media category, at the Ermis Awards, the only awards institution for creativity in communication in Greece, organized annually by the Advertising & Communications Association – the highlight of the industry in the country.

Below, a look at the award-winning game being played live at a cinema in Athens:

YDreams ’08 Overview


For obvious reasons, and a lingering hangover mood, yearly turns are usually a good time to balance and overview.

2008 was a hard year for us, but one in which we achieved fantastic progress and good results. Revenue wise it was our best year so far. We’ve also set founding stones for great initiatives that we are confident will bear fruits in 2009. Audience Entertainment, our joint-venture with BEL, is obviously one of them. Invisible Network also has an incredible potential, and sets us on the course for something truly revolutionary, especially since we’ve registered some interest in related spin-offs. Read the rest of this entry »

Audience Entertainment, it’s on


We’re embarking on yet another global adventure, this time with the NY-based Brand Experience Lab (BEL), by creating Audience Entertainment – a joint-venture to deliver interactive videogames for theaters, stadiums, music venues and others, all over the world.

BEL’s work with AudienceGames is pretty well known, especially since they won a Cannes Lion with their work for Volvo which also created the “Human Joysticks” buzzword. We’ve also been busy in the last year and a half developing projects for Vodafone in Portugal, and Dove, Ades, Sony Ericsson and Coca-Cola in Brazil, which made the headlines and captured clients’ attention.

The public announcement was made some days ago, you can check the press release here.

And here is a video created by tv show Imagens de Marca which features some past projects by YDreams and BEL: