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Belmonte Museum, powered by YDreams, wins 2010 award



This past Monday, December 13th, Belmonte’s Museu dos Descobrimentos, dedicated to exploring one of the greatest feats in the era of the Portuguese discoveries, was distinguished with the 2010 Innovation and Creativity Award by the Portuguese Museological Association for its museological strategy and content development.

Belmonte’s museological strategy and contents were developed by cultural management firm Arque Hoje, with YDreams responsible for devising and implementing high-end interactive solutions that enable visitors to interact with the exciting contents and information.

A creative mix of art, design and technology span the 16 rooms that were once home to Pedro Alvares Cabral, the Portuguese navigator and explorer, who led the armada that discovered Brazil at the onset of the 16th century. The museum has been open to the public since April 2009.

The video below shows what the museum is about: