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Smells like interactive team spirit


This past summer YDreams launched an interactive applications creator called Architek, which in short is a web-based software platform that lets users create customized YDreams apps such as interactive walkways, magic books or orbits without even the faintest programming know-how.

To put their money where their mouth is, the platform production team launched an in-house Architek Design contest challenging any YDreamer to participate and come up with creative and original solutions for the apps creator.

There’s nothing like a little competition to get the creative juices flowing! People paired up into teams and really got into the project with entries ranging from personalized ‘magic’ cook books to psychedelic interactive walkways, plus the contest proved to be an excellent test bed for the product.

However, there could be only one winner – drum roll please – and the winning entry went to Team Rui Malvarez, Karina Israel and Leonel Duarte for their brilliant Cluedo-style Magic Orbit revolving around the mystery of “Who stole Arthur’s Crème Brule?”, which by the way remains unsolved ;)

Cluedo-style magic orbit

Cluedo-style Magic Orbit Took First Place

Production team prepares to hand over symbolic cash prize!

Production team anounces the winner

Architek – DIY Interactive Instalations



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Our Architek software is now ready to be released. Architek is a platform that allows users to create their own interactive installations, without having to deal with programming and algorithms. Basically, we’ve rounded up some of our most successful products, like the yWalk (Interactive Floors) or the yMagic line, and integrated them into a web-based content manager. Interesting to note, Architek started as an in-house project that was aimed to bring more efficiency to programming work on some of the less elaborate types of interactive installations. We will start by licensing it to authorized distributors and partners, expect more information about this product on our website soon.