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YDreams, part-owner of NY-based Audience Entertainment, behind technology that drives company’s interactive group gaming platform


Yesterday, NY-based Audience Entertainment, part-owned by YDreams, announced it had established a partnership with Barco Inc., a global tech company known for its innovative projection systems. The two will soon be launching a new interactive technology platform called iD – Interactive Dimension™, based entirely on YDreams’ pioneering technology that promises to revolutionize the future of cinema by offering an interactive global network in thousands of cinemas around the world.

Below, an audience game developed using YDreams technology, and deployed by Audience Entertainment, for a massive group, outdoors in Lyon, France:

Rousseff and Merkel try out YDreams’ technology at CeBIT 2012


We were excited to hear that on a March 6th visit to the Brazilian pavilion at CeBIT 2012, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and German Chancellor Angela Merkel sat down to try out the Alphabet Table, an augmented reality educational game, conceived and developed by YDreams for Positivo Informática, one of Brazil’s largest computer and educational technology manufacturers.

As you can see in the photo below, Dilma and Angela actually completed an activity using the didactic tool to better understand and experience what the innovative Alphabet table has to offer young learners.


The Educational Alphabet Table, which was also awarded a Gold in the Informatics category by IDEA/Brasil in August 2011, an organization endorsed by the Industrial Designers Society of America, works by combining colorful animations, video and sound to create an interactive environment. The table features a webcam, 32 inch LCD screen and Augmented Reality markers that represent characters in the story. The 2D markers are captured by the camera and transformed into real-time 3D images, which can be treated as “virtual marionettes” on an LCD screen. The educational game, which can be played by up to six students at a time, is ideal for promoting collaboration, exchanging knowledge, and teaching children and students with special needs their “ABC’s”.


Audience Entertainment’s Audience Game for Disney


The video :) powered by YDreams’ technology:

Interactive badges by Ynvisible, in collaboration with Enfucell and IDTechEx


Ynvisible (YDreams’ first spinout company) in collaboration with Enfucell and IDTechEx, produced close to 1600 interactive badges to distribute to participants and attendees at the upcoming Printed Electronics USA 2011 tradeshow.

Ynvisible's Interactive Badge for the Printed Electronics Tradeshow

Ynvisible's Interactive Badge for the Printed Electronics Tradeshow

The badges contain three interactive graphic layers, activated by the push of a button. Each layer, designed specifically for the event, conveys IDTechEx’s marketing messages. Technologically, the interactive badges are a hybrid solution, based on a combination of printed electronics  ̶  Ynvisible’s electrochromics-based interactive graphics and Enfucell’s SoftBattery®  ̶  and traditional electronics, namely the printed circuit boards, buttons and wiring. Designers from Ynvisible and IDTechEx jointly designed the interactive badges, with the final assembly of badges carried out by Ynvisible.

“The combination of established color printing and printed interactive graphics brings new levels of interaction and communication power to everyday items. Consumers who enjoy the interactivity of on-line content and services will now increasingly start to find such features also in printed products”, said Jani-Mikael Kuusisto, Chief Business Development Officer for Ynvisible.

IDTechEx Printed Electronics USA 2011 conference and tradeshow is the biggest event in the world on the topic. This year’s tradeshow will be the largest Printed Electronics exhibition to date, with 105 exhibiting companies already confirmed. The tradeshow is on from November 30th to December 1st, 2011 at the Santa Clara Convention Centre.

Ynvisible profiled on Open Market Television


The following video gives us a comprehensive overview of printed electronics spin-out Ynvisible and its relationship to parent-company YDreams:

Ynvisible partners with European Cleantech leader and hires new Chief Business Development Officer



This past June, Ynvisible and Enfucell, a leading Eurpean Cleantech company, collaborated on an integrated prototype for the 2011 edition of LOPE-C in Frankfurt. Both companies are now looking to extend this partnership in order to pursue integrated commercial applications and joint development projects. Potential joint products include magazine covers and greeting cards.

Furthermore, the YDreams spinout has a new edition to its team: industry veteran Jani-Mikael Kuusisto, previously Business Development Manager for Printed Intelligence at VTT, the largest applied research organization in Northern Europe, joins Ynvisible as its Chief Business Development Officer.

Ynvisible at Franksurt’s Large-area, Organic & Printed Electronics Convention


Ynvisible, YDreams’ first spin out, was recently at LOPE-C (Frankurt’s Large-area, Organic & Printed Electronics) Convention from June 28th to the 30th, 2011 to showcase the printed electronics developer’s various prototypes.

Ynvisible’s revolutionary technology was a key factor in convincing Jani-Mikael Kuusisto to come on board as Chief Business Development Officer, a position he previously occupied at VTT Finland. Mr. Kuuisto officially joins Ynvisible on August 1st, 2011.

The video below shows Ynvisible CEO Inês Henriques explaining the prototypes developed thus far:

The YDreams Group Expands Further


Parent-company YDreams now counts three spinouts and one joint venture


The YDreams Group is proud to announce that its members are growing in number. A joint-venture with a North American partner brought us Audience Entertainment in December 2008; Ynvisible, dedicated to developing and producing electrochromic displays was officially launched in early 2010, and listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in February 2011.

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2011 ushered in two more spinout companies – Yvision, developer and producer of software development kits, and more recently YDRobotics, which will specialize in robotics and mechatronics fields.

More information about each one HERE!

YDreams first spinout, Ynvisible, will be traded on the XETRA Open Market starting today


Ynvisible, created in January 2010 as our first spin-out company, for the development of new technologies in printed electronics, will list its shares on the First Quotation Board (Open Market) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange starting February 9th, 2011.

The initial stages of Ynvisible’s technology development date back to 2005, when YDreams and research groups from the Faculty of Sciences and Technology at the New University of Lisbon (FCT/UNL) started a joint research initiative aimed at developing electrochromic displays on a variety of surfaces. This partnership is still active and going strong, particularly with FCT/UNL’s Photochemistry and Supramolecular Chemistry Group, led by Prof. Fernando Pina.

Ynvisible’s goal is to become a world-leading developer of electrochromic displays which may be printed on any surface or object, including paper, plastic, glass, ceramics, wood-based materials and cork. Ynvisible is targeting the mass production of electrochromic displays that are printed, flexible, transparent, low power, sunlight-readable and low cost.

For more information, or to read the company’s complete news release and extended summary, check out there website at:

On this end, we’ll be sure to fill you in all future developments!

YDreams’ CEO figures in European SME Week



This year the European Commission is organizing the first ever European SME (Small and medium enterprises) week from the 6th to the 14th of May in Brussels. The week will promote entrepreneurial spirit and emphasize the contribution of entrepreneurs to the European economy. To mark the occasion, the EC has published a brochure with portraits of entrepreneurs from each of the 33 countries participating in SME week.

The goal of the brochure is to serve as a guideline to aspiring entrepeuneurs and to highlight the challenges and excitement of running one’s own business, and we are thrilled to anounce that our CEO, António Câmara, has been nominated by national and European experts to figure in the brochure for Portugal!

Opening day for the 1st European SME Week will kick off with an exhibition entitled “The SME experience – How it feels to be an entrepreneur” with all 33 successful entrepreneurs on hand to tell their stories, an art installation where visitors can experience a day in the life of an entrepreneur, and a ‘Portraits Hall of Fame’ complete with interactive touch screens for exploring each nominees’ portrait. Visitors to the event will range from journalists to groups of students interested in entrepreneurism.

Techies at play in an augmented world


The folks over at YLabs (our in-house R&D lab) wanted to show-off what our YVision platform could actually do so they put together this good-natured demo of the many ways people can interact in real-time with virtual elements in most any physical scenario.

Watch as the gang plays with something resembling a runny version of The Blob, has their minds read, volleys soapy bubbles about and oozes what reminds me of a virtual Slinky from both eyes, yet they seem to be genuinely enjoying themselves :)

Playing in an Augmented World from YDreams on Vimeo.

Digital Signage Show Las Vegas


António Câmara, YDreams’ CEO, and I headed out to Vegas for some gambling and a couple of speaking engagements at the Digital Signage Expo starting on February 24th.

Day One started with the Seminar Revolutionizing Interactive Marketing in Public Spaces – the Mobile and Gestural Digital Signage Imperative. It was great to have a whole seminar dedicated to new types of interaction in Digital Signage. The list of speakers was a who’s who of the interactive world – Razorfish, Gesturetek, Total Immersion – and the discussion was lively and significant. Read the rest of this entry »

Real-life girl meets digital boy in augmented playground setting


Back in April 2008 we posted a video of our Augmented Reality mascot Flapi on YouTube, which was featured in popular tech blog Engadget, and other like-minded blogs.

Recently we upgraded our Flapi demo-video by bringing in our Creative Director’s daughter, as well as a couple of other virtual characters, to see exactly how they’d hit it off.

We’re glad to say things went well, and as you can see from the video below Flapi had no problem sharing the limelight, and the little girl seems delighted with her new playmates ;)

Real-time interaction with augmented reality mascots from YDreams on Vimeo.

Our CEO, António Camara, also presented the Flapi demo (based on YDreams’ SimVideo AR platform) at last month’s “Mobile and Gestural Digital Signage” conference at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas.

2008: The year of mobility. What’s next?


This past year many cords were cut. With prices going down, CPU power going up together with battery life, people now prefer mobility to an old-school desktop. For the first time, global notebook sales exceeded the ones of desktops. But, even these are now challenged by the netbooks and the smartphones.

The affordable PC was attempted in 1999 by Oracle but it didn’t succeed. Later the OLPC idea by Nicholas Negroponte, prompted a few companies to retry the concept but, this time, a portable one. Asus was the first one to deliver and started a revolution with its eeePC.

The smartphone has also been around for a while but with little success. In this case, it was Apple that started the revolution with the iPhone. It succeeded in creating an interesting device and getting developers’ attention, making available hundreds of applications at its AppStore. Something that Nokia failed to achieve with the Symbian operating system. Others are now trying to follow Apple’s footsteps, like Google with the Android and Palm with the Pre.

2008 was a very interesting and inspiring year but, what does the future reserve for us? Mike Elgan, from Computer World, predicts that “it’s the end of the whole desktop-or-mobile concept, and the beginning of everywhere and anywhere computing”. I agree with him and the technology needed is already available. The big question is how users will interact with these devices. Keyboards and mice are out of the question. It will be based on gestures, voice, multi-touch, and so forth. Displays will have to be placed in unexpected places.

The gesture-based interaction, multi-touch and thin TV trends at the latest CES are a sign that everything is “falling into place”.

And YDreams plans to surf the next big wave of innovation…

Antão Almada
Director, Strategic Software Development

The US Air Force guide to Web Posting


Found this a couple of weeks ago, a sensible set of guidelines to deal with negative, or positive, references in blogs and such, from the very own United States Air Force. They break it down into Discovery, Evaluate and Respond, and even address the problematic of ‘Trolls’ and ‘Ragers’. Advice such as this has been circulating for a while, but it’s interesting to see how different organizations are incorporating social media PR strategies.

Take a look at the Air Force Web Posting Response Assessment (Wikipedia link).

Col. ‘Chappy’ Sinclair tells an unconvinced Doug how an AIM-9 Sidewinder may be the best way to deal with anonymous comments.

‘Top Ten Digital Signage Trends for 2009′


Digital Signage Today recently came out with an online article about The Top 10 digital signage trends for 2009. While some of the predicted trends aren’t completely unexpected they are promising and encouraging.

As a company specialized in interactive gesture-based technologies and innovation for indoor and outdoor surroundings, we couldn’t agree more, and are particularly fond of Trend #6, which stresses the advantages of bringing interactivity and measurement to digital out-of-home networks.

Below a look at ‘large scale’ outdoor interactive digital signage project we worked on with Carat media agency for Adidas during the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

YDreams ’08 Overview


For obvious reasons, and a lingering hangover mood, yearly turns are usually a good time to balance and overview.

2008 was a hard year for us, but one in which we achieved fantastic progress and good results. Revenue wise it was our best year so far. We’ve also set founding stones for great initiatives that we are confident will bear fruits in 2009. Audience Entertainment, our joint-venture with BEL, is obviously one of them. Invisible Network also has an incredible potential, and sets us on the course for something truly revolutionary, especially since we’ve registered some interest in related spin-offs. Read the rest of this entry »

Audience Entertainment, it’s on


We’re embarking on yet another global adventure, this time with the NY-based Brand Experience Lab (BEL), by creating Audience Entertainment – a joint-venture to deliver interactive videogames for theaters, stadiums, music venues and others, all over the world.

BEL’s work with AudienceGames is pretty well known, especially since they won a Cannes Lion with their work for Volvo which also created the “Human Joysticks” buzzword. We’ve also been busy in the last year and a half developing projects for Vodafone in Portugal, and Dove, Ades, Sony Ericsson and Coca-Cola in Brazil, which made the headlines and captured clients’ attention.

The public announcement was made some days ago, you can check the press release here.

And here is a video created by tv show Imagens de Marca which features some past projects by YDreams and BEL:

YDreams António Câmara on RTPN Financial News Show


YDreams’ CEO, António Câmara, chats with Camilo Lourenço, host of Portuguese financial news show ‘A Cor do Dinheiro’, about the company’s short and long term goals. Clip also includes footage from a typical workday at YDreams’ headquarters in Lisbon.

Patenting in Portugal


Virtual Sightseeing scenic viewer at Ponta do Sal (Cascais coast)

It’s not easy to patent in Portugal if the subject matter is not Chemistry or Mechanics.

YDreams’ first effort to get a patent started in 2005. We submitted a text with ‘claims’ that basically described augmented reality. Such claims were undisturbed until an International Search Report quoted the Azuma paper ‘A Survey of Augmented Reality’ as a direct prior art. We realized that our claim had to be corrected.

The Virtual SightSeeing ® device was then described in more detail, and 2007 saw YDreams get their first patent granted. In the wake lay many hours of programming, design, quality control, and sheer will. Paramount to any patent effort is time. Lots of it. That seminal patent still awaits approval in some countries, and YDreams proceeded to file application after application, with some decisions taking a bit longer than we had hoped.

With the disparity in legal systems, the long-standing struggles about software patents, and more recently business method patents, what policy is a small company with a big heart to take in regard to IP?

When researching or trying to convince oneself that something really is new and original, thoughts are sometimes mingled with a vague ancestral image that the logic has been done before and one is just applying it to new ends, just as answers to some questions are found in old books holding Latin mottos like est modus in rebus.