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James(TM) the Lifestyle Concierge Goes Global with LodgeNet and Square Group Partnerships


Back in October 2009 YDreams announced its new partnership with Montreal-based Green Vision Media (GVM), a hospitality experience solution provider with whom we co-developed James(TM) a Lifestyle Concierge product.

James(TM) is a mobile application catered specifically to the needs of travelers and hotel guests. It pretty much enables guests to find all sorts of information about the hotel and local area while also accessing interactive concierge services. James(TM) applications are cross-compatible with mobile platforms, allowing guests to access hotel information and services even when they are not in their rooms.

Recently GVM announced a partnership with LodgeNet Interactive, a leading provider of media and connectivity solutions for the hospitality industry, and Sqaure Group, a premium Apple Reseller, to ensure that James (TM) become a staple service in in-room entertainment systems at some of the world’s most prestigious hotel chains.

Through an exclusive agreement between Lodgenet and GVM, James(TM) the Lifestyle Concierge wil be made available to hotel guests via LodgeNet’s Premium IPTV solution, which also integrates the Apple® Mac mini in the rooms to provide guests with interactive services and Web browsing.

LodgeNet operates in the United States, Canada and México, serving close to 1.9 million hotel rooms, thereby reaching close to 500 million travelers annually. Sqaure Group covers Europe as the United Kingdom’s largest Apple Reseller. By incorporating James(TM) into their service offerings, the ‘LifeStyle Concierge’ is well on its way to becoming a unique global product in the hospitality sector.

Cisco’s concept video on the future of shopping made possible


Not long ago Cisco gave us this concept video on the future of shopping:

We’ve gone beyond the concept and are on our way to making it, and a whole lot more possible ;)

Register Now to Try Out YVision – YDreams’ Closed Beta Application



We are happy to announce that we are offering users worldwide access to our proprietary development platform, code-named YVision.

You can find the registration form along with additional information at so register now because the offer is limited to a number of users.

As we may only accept a limited number of applications, you will have to convince us that you are the right person. Use the “What you would like to do with YVision?” field on the form to persuade us you are the right candidate!

YVision was developed by a dedicated team of professionals, who have been continuously improving the application since 2005. The platform is the motor behind more than 300 interactive solutions the company have developed over the years for clients the world over.

In case you’re wondering what you can accomplish using YVision take a look at some the stuff we’ve put together over the past years: interactive projections, digital performances, interactive installations, interactive digital signage, augmented reality, robotics, 3D interaction and much more. The imagination really is the limit, so enjoy!

Ivan Franco recounts the team’s ARE 2010 experience, and winning the event’s first-ever Auggie Award


Since 2000 Augmented Reality (AR) has been one of YDreams’ technological focuses. We believe that this technology can be very useful to design groundbreaking interactive experiences and become a real game-changer in the way we use technology everyday.

Although we’ve been working in the field for some years, most recently AR has been extremely hyped as the next big thing and is finally a target of public attention. VCs are eager to invest, brands perceive a real market value and better technology platforms are being announced everyday.

The proof to all of this is that this year a group of companies decided to organize the first commercial Augmented Reality Event: ARE 2010. The conference gathered the most important players to exchange ideas, promote their products and showcase their latest tech breakthroughs. YDreams was invited to participate and we setup a showcase booth, did two public talks and participated in the Auggie demo awards.

Bruce Sterling interacting with YDreams' demo

Bruce Sterling interacting with YDreams' demo

The feedback from people was excellent. It was good to observe that all of the companies understand the importance of talking instead of turning our backs on each other. We all want the technology to grow in a sustainable way and more then selling and promoting ideas at an event like this, everyone wanted to discuss issues like potential markets, standards, user-experience or any other multiple good practices. It’s great to observe diversity and how everybody is thinking about AR from different perspectives.

We’ve come a long way since the days when we interacted with computers Using solely Command Line Interfaces (CLI) and later Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). There is real hope that the new wave of Natural User Interfaces (NUI) will provide a much more natural way for interacting with computers that will draw upon paradigms of the surrounding world. The users will have lower adaptation thresholds to computers and these will evolute to become more and more efficient for daily tasks. AR will definitely play an important role in this revolution, because ultimately it is trying to merge the real and the virtual in a seam less manner.

As for the event, we received very good feedback for our work at YDreams. People understand that we are not only concerned about technology, but also on how to develop good interaction design, where “content is king” and “clever is better than wow”.

We are also very proud to announce that we won the Auggie demo competition, where we showed our latest demo using Canesta’s technology. We clearly stated that it was not a product demo but a conceptual tech demo. One that shows how we’d like to think about the future of this technology: a perfect combination of NUI and AR, that will help democratize the future of computing by providing intuitive and engaging forms of interaction.

Ori Inbar hands Ivan Franco YDreams Auggies Award

Ori Inbar hands Ivan Franco YDreams Auggie Award

Finally we’d like to thank the ARE 2010 sponsors and organizers and all of the people we met in the last days. It was a real joy to see us all come together with one common purpose.