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YDreams to Take Part in ARE 2010



A group of Augmented Reality (AR) industry leaders have gotten together to organize the first ever AR Industry event on June 2 – 3, in Santa Clara, U.S.A. The event, which will focus on industry and practice, will include keynote speakers like Bruce Sterling, reputed fiction writer and leading AR thinker, amongst others.

In the wake of YDreams and Canesta’s recent announcement to partner ‘to take Augmented Reality mainstream’, we couldn’t possibly miss this event, so our own Ivan Franco, YDreams R&D Director, will be on hand as an event speaker to talk about how he feels ‘augmented reality will change the way we market and use products, communicate and entertain ourselves, and how together with Canesta, we look forward to making augmented reality a part of everyday life.’

YDreams and Canesta Announce Partnership to Bring Augmented Reality to the Broad Market


“Augmented reality will change the way we market and use products, communicate and entertain ourselves,” said Ivan Franco YDreams´ R&D Director. “But, to date, implementing augmented reality solutions has only been possible with very specialized techniques. By working together with Canesta, we look forward to making augmented reality a part of everyday life.”

YDreams has been working on Natural User Interfaces (NUI) for more than 9 years for some of the largest corporations in the world. To do this, the company has developed a sophisticated proprietary software platform, combining multiple advanced technologies such as computer vision, physics simulation, artificial intelligence and several others.

“One of the most difficult aspects of designing NUI applications has been to create a sense of real world interactions. We envision consumers naturally browsing through digital catalogs, adding to the user experience of ecommerce or being inside movies, delivered by IPTV platforms.”

Until now Augmented Reality has delivered limited applications to the general public, mostly offering 3-D objects on top of visually obtrusive markers. By using Canesta’s 3-D vision sensors, YDreams applications can do real-time capture of any object in 3-D, without the aid of any special markers or enhancements. “This completely changes the scope of where and how augmented reality can be used, said Franco.

“YDreams is among the world’s leading organizations in developing augmented reality experiences,” said Jim Spare, president and CEO of Canesta. “By combining our mass market 3-D input sensors with YDreams’ expertise, we will see broad uses of these formerly very specialized applications. This will change how immersive and realistic so many kinds of communications and interactions will become.”

A video of a demo can be viewed on YDreams’ official YouTube channel and it will be possible to experience the technology live at the ARE2010 event ( on June 2-3, in Santa Clara, CA.

Explore Rio’s Christ the Redeemer Statue Using YDreams AR Technology


This past March, Vale and Rio de Janeiro’s Archdiocese began work to restore and preserve the city’s iconic Christ the Redeemer statue.

To celebrate the initiative Vale and the Archdiocese are giving people from around the world the chance to win a little piece of the statue, and also developed a hot-site to promote the monument’s restoration called ‘Para Sempre Cristo Redentor’, which includes an Augmented Reality (AR) component developed by YDreams.


The technically improved AR marker, printable via the website, features an additional bonus; as visitors hold the AR marker up in front of a webcam specific points of interest are displayed on the virtual 3D statue. By clicking the mouse over each point, visitors can access detailed information about each one.

Furthermore, the YDreams app automatically detects whether the computer being used to navigate the site has a a webcam or not. If not it adapts by enabling users to rotate the 3D model using a mouse. In addition, it automatically displays a model of the monument with hotspots, if the user does not have the compatible version of Flash installed.

To explore Christ the Redeemer Statue using YDreams AR, click HERE.

Karina Israel’s Live Talk on Augmented Reality @ TEDxSudeste


Karina Israel, YDreams Brasil’s Executive Director, does an excellent job of demystifying Augmented Reality at Rio de Janeiro’s independently organized TED event. Through a mix of humor, simplicity and anecdotes she explains and showcases concrete examples of AR applications YDreams has developed over the years, forecasts where AR is going and gives concrete examples of its future uses

Take a look at the live video below (in Portuguese). Keep in mind that it may take a bit to kick off because of streaming.

Watch live streaming video from tedx at

Augmented Reality T-shirt Video


About a month ago we cued you into the Skol Sensation event in São Paulo, Brazil, where YDreams would be debuting their first augmented reality t-shirts. In case you didn’t make it to the event ;) check out the video below to see what the experience was all about:

Interactive Technologies Fuel Theme Park to Teach Children Energy Efficiency


The ‘Family Blue Park’ conceived by YDreams for Gas Natural, one of Europe’s principal energy companies, inaugurated this past April 20th at the Dolce Vita Tejo Shopping Center on the outskirts of Lisbon. The theme park is comprised of interactive technologies that engage children through a series of games and activities that foster environmental awareness and teach energy efficiency.

The venue, geared at children between the ages of 6 and 10, is packed with interactive solutions that are fun and didactic. Activities on hand include interactive quizzes and games that simulate day to day situations in the home such as choosing the right kind of light bulbs, or selecting the most effective cycle on the washing machine. Other activities include blowing on miniature fan-blades or learning to use solar panels to generate renewable energies such as solar, wind and hydro.

The ‘Family Blue Park’, located in Dolce Vita Tejo’s central plaza, is open to the public daily through May 7th from 10h00 to 22h00. The park also welcomes and schedules daily school trips from all over Portugal.

To round off the theme park’s inauguration, Gas Natural held an awards ceremony for the winners of the Enerfixe competition an online game also developed by YDreams in 2009, to promote energy consumption awareness amongst children and young adults. The initiative brings together the ten top players and close to 200 of their respective classmates.

Have a peek at the video below, courtesy of TV Energia: