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YLibrary at company HQ

Our offices were still lodged in university buildings, and our CEO, Prof. Camara was already talking about the library we would have once at the new building headquarters. Our future library would serve to gather all of YDreams’ bibliographical resources, as well as large numbers of books Prof. Camara had acquired over the years.

By the time we’d settled into the new building, I had already earned a “bad reputation” as the person who would steal books from the professor’s office. Maybe as a form of “punishment”, Prof. Camara and Ivan (our Director of R&D) invited me to implement and manage the YDreams’ library – an invitation (and challenge) I accepted gladly!
After several months of hard work, tons of dust and a chaos of stacked books and magazines that occasionally blocked the corridors surrounding the library, the doors to our YLibrary opened in October 2008.

But what is a YLibrary, and what exactly does it contain?

  • A physical space where books and magazines are kept, and YDreams’ prizes and diplomas are displayed;
  • A fully-featured web-based library management system, with approximately 1000 book titles, and many more to be added in the near future;
  • A huge database of digital papers accessible online. It started with articles from the area of Computer & Applied Science (full text from 730 journals) and has recently extended to Marketing & Business articles (full text from 2800 journals).

I’m very proud to have helped create and organize this extremely important resource, and it is very rewarding to see the good use to which it has been put by everyone.

Being a Mathematician, I’m not happy with a text until it has a substantial amount of numeric symbols and plots. :) So, here are some usage statistics:

  • In 4 months, we have had a total of 88 checked-out from our library broken down into the following categories:
  • In those same 4 months, there were a total of 236 sessions in the digital database of scientific articles, with a total of 1538 searches performed.

Click on image to enlarge

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So, if you haven’t done so yet, go and explore our Alexandria. A world of knowledge is collected there.


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