The YDreams Group is a European enterprise dedicated to the creation of state-of-the-art innovative interactivity projects, products and technologies. As a flagship company it holds shares in companies that are global references in augmented reality technologies, telepresence with marine robots, printed electronics and international requests for customized innovative projects that combine design and technology.

Founded in Portugal in 2000 by professors and researchers in the fields of information technology, image processing, geographical information systems and environmental engineering, YDreams Group has become a leading company in the research and use of virtual reality technology, augmented reality, datamining and spotting trends in all these fields of expertise. Many of its top technology experts have experience at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a global reference in technology development.

Inspired by the trends in ubiquitous computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and opportunities generated by the meeting of the physical and digital worlds, this dream team of experts has allowed the YDreams Group to redefine the concept of interactivity. The focus of their performance has been on the exciting field of augmented reality technologies and full scale development of interactive environments (from stores to exhibitions), products and intellectual property, always offering a unique blend of technology and design. The spin off companies in which the YDreams Group holds shares – YDreamsGlobal , Ynvisible and Azorean – also research and develop proprietary/patented technologies in areas such as image processing, gesture-based interfaces, resulting in best of breed solutions that are integrated into projects and products, or license partners.

Recognition of their achievements has generated highlights in international news coverage with important mentions in outlets such as Wired, Business Week, CNN, The Financial Brand and The Economist Technology Review, in addition to many stories that were broadcasted on TV programs of CNBC Europe, TVE, Euronews, Globo and France 24.

Many awards have also been won such as the Dibner Award (2003); Gold Award for Environments, by the Industrial Design Society of America (2004), El Ojo Iberoamerica (2013); and acknowledgment as one of the top emerging European companies mentioned in CNBC Europe (2005); leading company in IAPMEI (2008); and the Auggies Award – considered the ‘Oscar’ for Augmented Reality (2010). In 2006, the founder and CEO of YDreams Group, António Câmara, was honoured with the Prêmio Pessoa, granted to Portuguese personalities in recognition of innovative achievements in the artistic, literary and scientific fields. Since 2000, over 900 successful projects have been delivered worldwide to clients such as Coca-Cola, Bradesco, Petrobras, Adidas, Vodafone, Nokia, Santander, TMN, Barclays, JCDecaux, among others.

YDreams Global

A technology and design company headquarterd in Vancouver, Canada, listed in the Toronto Stock Market Ventures (TSXV: YD) and co-listed in the Frankfurt Stock Market (FSE: APYYD). The company is focused on innovation that acts as both a strategic and implementation partner of companies and brands in their business management in the new post-digital reality. YDreams Global thrives because of the unique combination of technology, design and strategy in its projects. The portfolio includes cases of intelligent environments, brand experiences, large scale participative solutions and consulting, always keeping the perfect balance between conception and implementation. The result are innovative projects such as flagship stores, corporative technological stands, interactive museums, immersive exhibitions, interactive advertising in cinemas and spectacles, retail sensorial exhibitors and brand experience.


Ynvisible develops and markets interactive solutions for everyday printed items. The company was founded in 2010 with the vision to bring everyday objects and surfaces to life, making them more useful and enjoyable to people. Ynvisible adapts functionalities familiar to consumers from on-line / digital experiences and applies these to physical objects. Technologically Ynvisible works with different chromogenic systems to introduce new levels of information and interactivity into everyday items and surfaces. Ynvisible’s current primary technological focus is on integrating electrochromic displays on a variety of materials, turning them into interactive screens at a disruptively low cost. The company has already successfully developed prototypes and is advancing in the next stages of industrialization using patent-pending technologies.


Azorean – Aquatic Technologies, S.A., listed in the Euronext Paris Stock Market (MLAAT:EN Paris), aims to become a world leading company in marine robotics by providing a new generation of tools for ocean exploration. We seek innovative solutions to produce low-cost specialized instruments and autonomous robots for different market segments: from leisure to business and scientific exploration. In opposition to the current trend of developing complex and expensive marine robots, we propose to develop affordable instruments and autonomous robotic platforms applying state of the art and innovative robotic technologies. Azorean is a product based company. Its first product is Ziphius, an app-controlled aquatic drone. We expect to expand our catalogue for the gadget market with products similar to Ziphius, as well as with new products based on the technologies developed by our research and project divisions.


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